The OpenKIM Brand Guide

A terminology usage guide to distinguish between, OpenKIM, and KIM.

The term is used for:

  • The website
  • All related sub-websites (*
  • Actively running infrastructure, etc.
  • The domain name, used in the tag schema for Primitives, etc.


The term OpenKIM is used for:

  • Things related to governance, eg. "OpenKIM Governance Committee"
  • The repository content curated through, eg. the "OpenKIM Repository"
  • The people involved, eg. the "OpenKIM Team"
  • The members of the OpenKIM organization, by virtue of registering their membership through the website, eg. the "OpenKIM Members"


  • A general term usable by the KIM community
  • A specification or standard, eg. "KIM-compliant Model"
  • An API specification, eg. the "KIM API" and conforms to "KIM API v2.0"