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Stacking and twinning fault energies for fcc Pb
Description Intrinsic and extrinsic stacking fault energies, unstable stacking fault energy, unstable twinning energy, stacking fault energy as a function of fractional displacement, and gamma surface for fcc Pb at zero temperature and pressure.
The supported atomic species.
Contributor SubrahmanyamPattamatta
Maintainer SubrahmanyamPattamatta
Author Subrahmanyam Pattamatta
Publication Year 2018
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Bernstein N, Tadmor EB (2004) Tight-binding calculations of stacking energies and twinnability in fcc metals. Physical Review B 69(9):094116. doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.69.094116

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Citable Link https://openkim.org/cite/TE_224024938466_000
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100.00% Python
StackingFaultFccCrystal Pb 0bar TE_224024938466_000


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