The Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models (KIM) project is funded by the National Science Foundation. It was first funded through a four-year grant as part of the Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) program, and then through a second grant within the Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (CDSE) program. The project is currently funded through a DMR CMMT grant.

The KIM project acknowledges the support of the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications for a series of OpenKIM Coding Sprints held during the summer of August 2018.

The KIM project is led by Prof. Ellad B. Tadmor, Prof. Ryan S. Elliott, and Prof. George Karypis at the University of Minnesota and Prof. Mark Transtrum at Brigham Young University. For a full list of the core project participants, see KIM Team members.

For more information on the KIM project, see About KIM.