Extended KIM ID Title
EAM_CubicNaturalSpline__MD_853402641673_001 EAM Model Driver with cubic natural spline interpolation
EAM_Dynamo__MD_120291908751_004 EAM Model Driver with Hermite cubic spline interpolation
EAM_QuinticClampedSpline__MD_532469991695_002 EAM Model Driver with clamped quintic spline interpolation
EAM_QuinticHermiteSpline__MD_029719603993_002 EAM Model Driver with quintic Hermite spline interpolation
EDIP_BOP_C__MD_506186535567_001 A C-based implementation of the EDIP three-body bond-order potential of Bazant and Kaxiras.
EMT_Asap__MD_128315414717_002 Effective Medium Theory as implemented in the ASE/Asap code.
Four_Body_Mistriotis_Flytzanis_Farantos__MD_514777050453_000 A four-body Mistriotis-Flytzanis-Farantos potential
IMD_EAM__MD_113599595631_002 EAM implementation from the IMD code.
LennardJones612__MD_414112407348_002 Efficient KIM model driver for the multi-species Lennard-Jones model with truncated or shifted cutoff
MEAM_2NN__MD_111291751625_001 Second nearest-neighbor modified embedded-atom-method (2NN MEAM)
model_driver_PF_cubic_splines__MD_620624592962_001 EAM potential with cubic splines function for both pairwise repulsive part and atom pair density
model_driver_PF_quintic_splines__MD_543355979582_001 EAM model driver with qunitic spline functional form of pair repulsive and pair density terms
MorseEIP_GuthikondaElliott_2009__MD_429561112321_001 This is a Model Driver for the temperature-dependent Morse pair potential shifted to zero energy at cutoff separation
MSMEAM_Dynamo_Gibson_Baskes__MD_080127949983_000 Multi-State Modified Embedded Atom Method (MSMEAM)
Pair_Lennard_Jones_Shifted__MD_498634107543_002 Driver for the Lennard-Jones model uniformly shifted to have zero energy at the cutoff radius
Pair_Lennard_Jones_Truncated__MD_132729421025_000 Driver for the Lennard-Jones model truncated to have zero energy above the cutoff radius
Pair_LJ_Smooth__MD_716364606252_000 A smoothed Lennard-Jones pair potential using a quadratic function
Pair_Morse_Shifted__MD_552566534109_001 This is a Model Driver for the Morse pair potential shifted to zero energy at cutoff separation.
Pair_Morse_Sigmoid__MD_199191711608_000 This is a Model Driver for Morse pair potential with logistic cutoff function
Pair_Morse_Smoothed__MD_093895395358_001 This is a Model Driver for a C^2 continuous Morse pair potential with polynomial tail
Tersoff_LAMMPS__MD_077075034781_002 Model driver for Tersoff-style potentials ported from LAMMPS
Three_Body_Stillinger_Weber__MD_335816936951_002 Three-body Stillinger-Weber (SW) Model Driver
Three_Body_Stillinger_Weber_MX2__MD_242389978788_000 Three-body Stillinger-Weber Model Driver for Monolayer MX2