KIM Board Election Results


The slate of nominees for the KIM Board (Miller, Shankar and Thompson) suggested by the Nominating Committe has been unanimously approved by the KIM Membership. Fifty-six KIM Members voted which constitutes a voter turnout of just over 25%.

The KIM Board therefore consists of the following six members:

  • Michael I. Baskes
  • Chandler A. Becker
  • Ronald E. Miller
  • Sadasivan Shankar
  • Susan B. Sinnott
  • Aidan P. Thompson

Biographical information and contact information for the KIM Board Members, the KIM Director (Ellad B. Tadmor) and the KIM Editor (Ryan S. Elliott) are available here.

Congratulations to the elected KIM Board Members and thanks to all Board Members for their willingness to contribute their time to advance the goals of the KIM project!