kim-api-2.1.0 released!


This release includes significant additions to the package. First, a new KIM API Simulator Model Interface (KIM API/SMI) has been created. The previous KIM API for KIM-Compliant Models is now known as the KIM API Portable Model Interface (KIM API/PMI). Second, a new Collections interface has been created that provides programatic access to the KIM items (Portable Models, Model Drivers, and Simulators) that are installed on the user's system. Updates and additions in this release should not change the behavior of existing codes in any way. See the NEWS file for a more complete summary of changes.

For more information on the features of KIM API v2 see the documentation. Also see the NEWS, README, and INSTALL files in the KIM API package root directory after downloading and extracting the package.

Here is a download link to the new kim-api-2.1.0.txz package. Or, you can find this release of the KIM API package listed on the KIM API page.