KIM Developer Platform v1.0.0 released!


The KIM Developer Platform (KDP) is a Docker container image that consists of a preconfigured linux environment featuring all of the software necessary for running OpenKIM software. This greatly facilitates model development by enabling users to run KIM verification checks (VCs) against their models. VCs provide quality checks on models, such as whether the energies and forces predicted by a model are invariant to translations or rotations, whether the forces are equal to the negative first derivative of the energy, and more. Additionally, the predictions of a model for common material properties, e.g. lattice constants, cohesive energies, and elastic constants, can be readily computed inside this environment by running the model against KIM tests. Researchers can even use this container to develop their own verification checks and tests!

The KIM Developer Platform can be downloaded from the GitHub Container Registry using the following command:

docker pull

A smaller version of the image that provides software necessary to run most, but not all, KIM verification checks and tests is also available by specifying the 'latest-minimal' Docker tag. Click here for more information on installing the KDP. Then, click here to get started using the KDP!