OS Setup for the KIM API - Overview


These pages provide simple steps to setup the Ubuntu, Mac, and Window Operating Systems (OS's) for use with the KIM API. In addition, instructions for installing these OS's as Virtual Machines (VMs) within VirtualBox (VB) are provided.

If you simply want to make your OS ready for use with the KIM API, click on the appropriate OS tab above and follow the instructions.

If you want to create a VM with your favorite OS, you will first need to install VirtualBox. See below.

VirtualBox Setup

VirtualBox (VB) is a great tool that allows virtualization. That is, running another OS on the host machine in a window on the host desktop. To download and to find out more about VirtualBox click here.

Starting up VB

Once you have downloaded and installed VB, start it up. It will open up screen that looks like this:

If you see this, the installation process worked correctly and you are on your way to setting up the guest machines. Next, click on the above tab associated with your favorite OS.