About KIM

The Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models (KIM) project is based on a four-year NSF cyber-enabled discovery and innovation (CDI) grant and has the following main objectives:

  • Development of an online open resource for standardized testing and long-term warehousing of interatomic models (potentials and force fields) and data.
  • Development of an application programming interface (API) standard for atomistic simulations, which will allow any interatomic model to work seamlessly with any atomistic simulation code.
  • Fostering the development of a quantitative theory of transferability of interatomic models to provide guidance for selecting application-appropriate models based on rigorous criteria, and error bounds on results.
  • Planning for the permanence of the KIM project, including development of a sustainability plan, and establishment of a long-term home for storing and maintaining its contents.
Download a one-page flyer describing the KIM project:

KIM_Flyer.pdf (0.1MB)

View an online talk providing an overview of the KIM project:

Overview of the KIM Project (Online talk by Prof. Ellad B. Tadmor)