Verification Checks - Alphabetical

Verification Checks in the OpenKIM Repository

A "verification check" is a computational algorithm that examines a particular aspect of the coding correctness of an interatomic potential (e.g. checking the accuracy of its forces by comparing them with a numerical derivative of the energy). Click for more information.

Verification Check Title
DimerContinuityC1__VC_303890932454_005 Verification Check of Dimer C1 Continuity v005
ForcesNumerDeriv__VC_710586816390_003 Verification check of forces via numerical differentiation (Richardson extrapolation technique) v003
InversionSymmetry__VC_021653764022_002 Verification check of invariance with respect to the inversion operation (inversion symmetry) v002
MemoryLeak__VC_561022993723_004 Verification check for memory leaks using Valgrind v004
Objectivity__VC_813478999433_002 Verification check of invariance with respect to rigid-body motion (objectivity) v002
PeriodicitySupport__VC_895061507745_004 Verification check of support for periodic boundary conditions v004
PermutationSymmetry__VC_903502816694_002 Verification check of invariance with respect to atom permutations (permutation symmetry) v002
SpeciesSupportedAsStated__VC_651200051721_002 Verification check of species supported as stated v002
ThreadSafety__VC_881176209980_005 Verification check of thread safety v005
UnitConversion__VC_128739598203_001 Verification check of unit conversion v001