The KIM Brand Guide

A terminology usage guide to distinguish between KIM, OpenKIM and


  • A general term referring to the Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models (KIM) project
  • The people involved in the KIM project, e.g. "KIM Director", "KIM Technical Lead", "KIM Editor", "KIM Team".
  • Standards defined through the KIM project, e.g. the "KIM API", "KIM Property Definition"
  • Content conforming to KIM standards, e.g. "KIM Model Driver", "KIM Model", "KIM Test Driver", "KIM Test", "KIM Verification Check", "KIM ID".
  • Basic KIM infrastructure that can be used in both open and proprietary settings, e.g. "KIM Processing Pipeline".
  • A general term referring to the overarching KIM Initiatiive (KI) that encompasses multiple efforts related to advancing molecular simulation.


The term OpenKIM is used for:

  • Things related to the open science nonprofit efforts of the KIM project and the associated cyberinfrastructure
  • Governance of OpenKIM, e.g. "OpenKIM Advisory Board"
  • The repository content curated through, e.g. the "OpenKIM Repository".
  • The members of the OpenKIM organization, by virtue of registering their membership through, e.g. the "OpenKIM Members"

The term is used for:

  • Things related to the online presence of the OpenKIM cyberinfrastructure
  • The website
  • All related sub-websites (*
  • The domain name, used in property definitions