Introduction to Visualizers

The OpenKIM Repository contains material properties of different kinds (crystal structures, cohesive energies, elastic constants, surface energies and structures, energy and forces of atomic clusters, phonon dispersion curves, etc.). Because of the high dimensionality associated with some of these properties, as well as that encountered when attempting to simultaneously compare predictions of them across many models, this data is generally best accessed and explored visually. On each Model Page, a collection of visualizers is listed which facilitate this comparison. Clicking any one of them will open a new browser tab, where you can interact with the visualizer by hovering over different components and clicking on them.

The visualization system has been created with user-extendibility in mind. A visualizer works by first performing a query to the KIM Repository using a simplified interface to the KIM Query API, and then presenting the results in visual form. The current system for creating these plots is based on the C3.js JavaScript library, which allows seamless integration of dynamic interactivity. If you have questions regarding visualizers or are interested in developing your own, contact us.