Using KIM Content

The KIM Repository contains many types of items and data. Much of this content is available through a standard web query interface that can be accessed from many programming languages and computing platforms, as well as from some KIM-compliant simulation codes. See Querying KIM Content for more information. Further, KIM Portable Models (PMs), Simulator Models (SMs), and Model Drivers (MDs) are source code packages that are meant to be downloaded and installed on a user's system so that they can be easily used with a KIM-Compliant simulation code. The KIM project tries to make Obtaining KIM Models as easy as possible. Thus, pre-compiled binary versions of KIM PMs, SMs, and MDs are available for many popular operating systems and package managers. The KIM project also tries to make it easy to Use KIM Models within a simulator code. This is achieved by working with the developers of a simulator to design and implement a natrual mechanism for performing simulations with a KIM PM or SM by specifying appropriate input commands.

Getting Help

Support is always available by sending an email with a question and all relevant information to


The message will be posted to the openkim google group:


Members of the OpenKIM development team actively monitor this forum and will do their best to respond to questions in a timely fashion. This forum is also used to announce major and minor new releases and bug fixes.

It is highly recommended for users to become members of the openkim group. (Just go to the above link and click on "Join this group" on the right of the screen.)