Element of Surprise

Come to this page for a different, humanistic look at the elements. We are currently featuring the poetry of Julia Klatt Singer. Click on the links below to hear Julia narrate poems from her book Elemental inspired by the periodic table.

We are looking for other content to feature on this page. Please contact us if you would like to submit visual or audio art inspired by the elements, molecular simulations or related fields.

Poetry of Julia Klatt Singer

Each recording starts with a short intro on the element, and then a poem.

Ag (silver)
Au (gold)
Bi (bismuth)
C (carbon)
Ca (calcium)
Cl (chlorine)
Co (cobalt)
Cu (copper)
H (hydrogen)
He (helium)
Fe (iron)
N (nitrogen)
Na (sodium)
Ne (neon)
Ni (nickel)
O (oxygen)
Pt (platinum)
Sn (tin)