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This is a Model Driver for the Morse pair potential shifted to zero energy at cutoff separation.
Description This Model Driver implements the Morse pair potential. It takes four parameters: (1) the cutoff separation in angstroms, (2) the epsilon parameter in eV, (3) the C parameter in inverse angstroms, and (4) the equilibrium pair separation "Rzero" in angstroms. The potential is shifted in energy so that it takes a value of zero eV at the cutoff separation.
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Contributor Ryan S. Elliott
Maintainer Ryan S. Elliott
Published on KIM 2014
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Funding Not available
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Citable Link https://openkim.org/cite/MD_552566534109_001
KIM Item TypeModel Driver
KIM API Version1.6
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100.00% C
Previous Version Pair_Morse_Shifted__MD_552566534109_000

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