KIM API Revision History

Recent Updates

=== kim-api-v2.0.0-beta.3 ======= 07Dec2018 ====================================

* Updated and added examples to work with and demonstrate api changes/additions

* Implemented new KIM::Model::IsRoutinePresent interface to facilitate
  backward compatibility

* Updated SpeciesName entries for recently renamed periodic table elements

* Added WriteParameterizedModel Routine and assoc. code

* Added Extension Routine to allow for non-standard extensions

* Added Push/Pop Default Verbosity to KIM::Log

* Changed Release default LogVerbosity to INFORMATION

* Added ctest test for items to check that shared libraries can be opened

* Improvements to Collections-Management behavior

* Removed unnecessary header files

* Updated configuration

* Refactored some backend implementation to improve maintainability, including
  significant new KIM_SharedLibrarySchema interface

* Improvements to CMake build system

* Updated create-package script

* Updated documentation

=== kim-api-v2.0.0-beta.2 ======= 28Oct2018 ====================================

* CMake build and test replaces custom Makefiles; added travis, gitlab CI
  A big thank you to Richard Berger and Christoph Junghans for their major
  contribution in getting the KIM API package converted to CMake.

* Using standard pkg-config setup instead of custom kim-api-v2-build-config

* Major restructuring of the Fortran bindings.

* Make ModelRefresh and ModelComputeArgumentsDestroy functions optional

* Add Model routine and callback prototypes in KIM_Functions header

* Add a required unique name field for parameters.

* Refactoring of neighbor list hints.  The half-list hint had a fatal flaw
  which required its removal.

* Significant refactoring of the logging macros in C and C++.  Complete removal
  of all preprocessing for Fortran.

* Redesign of release and packaging script and process.

* Added a couple of new models that illustrate various features of the api.

* Removed v1 to v2 porting guide.

* "Summary of Differences Between kim-api-v1 and kim-api-v2" docs page now
  contains tables with a complete listing of all kim-api identifiers in all
  languages and their mappings between one-another.

* Complete update of documentation.  Rework and correct definition of
  partialVirial and partialParticleVirial.

* Added emacs cc-mode settings

* Added clang-format settings, scripts, and git-hooks for C/C++

* Complete review of C++, C, and Fortran bindings for consistency

* Many other small and not-so-small changes.

=== kim-api-v2.0.0-beta.1 ======= 07Jul2018 ====================================

* Fix memory leak and uninitialized variables id'ed by coverity scan.

* Update docs and porting guide for neighbor list hints changes.

* Implement neighbor list hints (paddingNeighbor & halfList); update examples.

* Add SetArgumentPointer(xxx * const ptr) to C++ bindings for consistency.

* Add C++ LennardJones_Ar stand-alone model example.

* Fix compatibility checking code in example simulators.

* Update LennardJones612 example to use 1/2 list short-circuit mechanism.

* Fix collections-info to set log verbosity to debug.

* Use NULL consistently to initialize pointers in implemenation code.

=== kim-api-v1.9.7 ============== 07Jul2018 ====================================

* Check for errors from mkdir() in KIM_API_DIRS.cpp (id'ed by coverity scan).

* Fix support for required-compute of forces in utility-forces-numer-deriv.

* Fix identifiers in bash-completions.

* Added --log option to CM 'list' command.

* Use fixed seed for random number generator in utility-forces-numer-deriv.

=== kim-api-v1.9.6 ============== 26Jun2018 ====================================

* Updated INSTALL file

* Added 'install OpenKIM_with_history' and 'install --force' options to the
  collections-management utility

* Collections-management utility now cleanly handles an unaccessible

* Fixed bugs and made improvements to build system

=== kim-api-v1.9.5 ============== 12May2018 ====================================

* Update build system to support parallel builds (make -j).

* Fixed bug in collections-management for "install OpenKIM" option.

* Update INSTALL file

=== kim-api-v1.9.4 ============== 09Apr2018 ====================================

* Added '--interactive' option to collections-management utility.

* Added Travis-CI support through GitHub.

* Fixed bugs in collections-management utility.

* Fixed bugs in build system.

=== kim-api-v1.9.3 ============== 10Feb2018 ====================================

* Major additions to options supported by the kim-api-v1-collections-management
  utility.  Added options include:

  - list --with-version
  - install CWD
  - install environment
  - reinstall
  - remove-all

  Additionally, items can now be installed from a source directory on the local
  file system.  Also, multiple items can be listed on a single command line.

* Added a kim-api-v1-activate/deactivate utilities (available when installed to
  non-standard locations).  These add/remove to PATH and setup the bash

* Added bash completions for user utilities

* Added support for the sysconfdir variable to the build system

* Updated utilities to more closely follow specifications.

* Model/Driver 'make install-*' now respect the DESTDIR environment variable.

* Added support for Model/Driver install to the environment collection.

* Add tracking of Parameterized Model parameter file file-names within the
  generated model shared library.

* Rename vc_* examples to utility_* to avoid confusion with new
  Verification Checks.

* Various minor typo and bug fixes.

=== kim-api-v1.9.2 ============== 08Oct2017 ====================================

* Update scripts to use xz compressed tarballs (txz) instead of gz (tgz).  This
  is for compatibility with the recent removal of tgz support on

=== kim-api-v1.9.1 ============== 27Sep2017 ====================================

* Adjustment to build config flags to make cross-language compiling a bit more

* Fix subtle Fortran implementation bug associated with non-short-circuit
  conditional fortran behavior

* Remove 'make install-set-default-to-v1' target and update INSTALL instructions
  No longer have kim-api-build-config, etc.  Now they explicitly include the
  major version number. For example, kim-api-v1-build-config

* Make some shell code more portable

* Fixed some other installation details

* Fixed missing semi-colon in makefile

=== kim-api-v1.9.0 ============== 09Sep2017 ====================================

* Added collections-management user utility to manage build and install
  of OpenKIM Models and Model Drivers

* Added support for "Simulator Models"

* Dramatically simplify build system by removing supported scenarios.
  + Removed static-link build option
  + Removed "in-place" build scenario
  + Added support and use of the libexec directory to distinguish between
    user executable utilities and program executable utilities

* Incorporate fix to configure script contributed by Christoph Junghans

* Fix minor bugs in KIM_API_DIRS

=== kim-api-v1.8.2 ============== 17Apr2017 ====================================

* Fixed issues reaised by Tobias Brink (this==NULL; and `find` portability)

=== kim-api-v1.8.1 ============== 28Mar2017 ====================================

* Added additional deprecations in prep. for kim-api-v2.0.0

* Fixed other minor bugs in create_package script and build-config.cpp

* Fixed bug in Makefile.ParameterizedModel

* Fixed formatting error in Makefiles created by build-config utility

* Fixed bug in ex_model_Ar_P_MLJ_CLUSTER_C example model

=== kim-api-v1.8.0 ============== 17Jan2017 ====================================

* Deprecated significatant features and methods in prep. for kim-api-v2.0.0

* Updated `build-config' utility with more flexible options

* Removed `KIM_LINK = dynamic-link' option of build system

* Modified/Fixed/Improved the configuration and build system

* Added `collections-info' utility for querying environment variables,
  user configuration files, and lists of models and model drivers in the

=== kim-api-v1.7.3 ============== 02Jun2016 ====================================

* Added a `configure' script for setting up Makefile.KIM_Config

* Added support for environment-variable-collection

* Added support for user_config_file_dir_name setting

* Documentation update/improvements

* Minor improvements to error messages

* Added `make add-OpenKIM' feature

* Added `make help' feature

* Added release dates to NEWS file

* Bug fixs

View the NEWS file for additional history.