KIM API Previous Versions

Download kim-api-2.3.0.txz (OpenPGP Signature) — released 2022/03/17

Support is always available by posting questions with all relevant information to Members of the OpenKIM development team actively monitor this forum and will do their best to respond to questions in a timely fashion. Click here to return to the KIM API Overview.

Release tarballs are signed with Ryan S. Elliott's <> public key
( [576D4997C4D51D92]).

To verify a release tarball, first download the public key and import it:

$ gpg --import relliott.asc

After downloading the tarball and signature, run:

$ gpg --verify kim-api-X.Y.Z.txz.asc kim-api-X.Y.Z.txz

where X.Y.Z should be replaced with the actual version of interest.