KIM API Previous Versions

Download kim-api-2.3.0.txz (OpenPGP Signature) — released 2022/03/17

Support is always available by posting questions with all relevant information to <> Members of the OpenKIM development team actively monitor this forum and will do their best to respond to questions in a timely fashion. Click here to return to the KIM API Overview.

Release tarballs are signed with Ryan S. Elliott's <> public key
( [576D4997C4D51D92]).

To verify a release tarball, first download the public key and import it:

$ gpg --import relliott.asc

After downloading the tarball and signature, run:

$ gpg --verify kim-api-X.Y.Z.txz.asc kim-api-X.Y.Z.txz

where X.Y.Z should be replaced with the actual version of interest.