New Appointments at the Top


As the KIM project continues to grow, it was decided last spring in coordination with the previous KIM Advisory Board to make some changes to the KIM leadership structure. Up until now, the KIM project has had two formal appointed positions associated with it: KIM Director responsible for overall management of the project, and KIM Editor responsible for ensuring content quality. To manage the increasing level of activity, a new position is being announced:

  • KIM Technical Lead. The "KIM Technical Lead" is responsible for guiding the development of the KIM API and technical aspects of KIM infrastructure development and deployment.

The KIM project is pleased to announce the following appointments:

Prof. Ryan Elliott (University of Minnesota) who has been serving as the KIM Editor will take on the role of KIM Technical Lead. Ryan has been de facto serving in this role for several years and will now be able to fully focus on it.

Prof. Ronald Miller (Carleton University) has agreed to serve as the KIM Editor. Ron has been involved in the KIM project since its inception and served on the Advisory Board for six years. As KIM Editor, Ron will spearhead efforts to interact with the research community and recruit new content.

Prof. Ellad Tadmor (University of Minnesota) will continue to serve as the KIM Director responsible for the overall operation of the KIM project.

The new leadership team is looking forward to a period of intense activity as the KIM project continues to ramp up.