"All-in-KIM Campaign" announced


The KIM project is announcing the All-in-KIM Campaign. The objective of this major new initiative is to collect as many interatomic potentials as possible into openkim.org. Having a majority of interatomic potentials in a single place will be a great benefit for researchers seeking a potential for a specific system, and aid in ongoing efforts in the KIM project to develop methods for selecting suitable potentials for specific target applications.

KIM project staff will be proactively contacting interatomic potential developers to invite them to participate. Uploading a potential to openkim.org is a simple matter of filling in an online form and providing any necessary parameter files. There is no charge for archiving content, and KIM staff will work with developers to make sure the process is painless. OpenKIM encourages open source licenses for all content, but contributors can select their distribution license of choice.

You don't have to wait for us to contact you. If you have one or more potentials to contribute, please email us at support@openkim.org.