New MEAM Driver with a host of parameterizations now available


A new efficient implementation of the modified embedded atom method (MEAM) potential has been developed by Yaser Afshar and is now available as a KIM Model Driver (DOI: 10.25950/2c9d988b). This Driver is compatible with all software packages compatible with the KIM API. The Driver was adapted from the LAMMPS MEAM implementation and is compatible with the LAMMPS meam, meam/spline, and meam/sw/spline pair styles and can read in their parameter files. (The MEAM style is automatically detected based on the input files.) The KIM MEAM Driver outperforms or matches the LAMMPS native implementation for most architectures and compilers. Currently (15-Feb-2021), there are 114 parameterizations (KIM Models) that use this Driver for a variety of material systems.