Agenda for the KIM Symposium at the 2023 Mach Conference is now available


OpenKIM is pleased to announce that the agenda for our symposium on "Systems for Fitting, Uncertainty Quantification, Selection and Use of Interatomic Models" at the 2023 Mach Conference in Baltimore, MD on April 5-7 has been finalized, and can be found on The registration deadline for the conference is March 8th.

Our symposium will have sessions on Thursday and Friday, and will feature 15 talks on applications, development, UQ and cyberinfrastructure of interatomic potentials and atomistic simulations. There will be two tutorials:

  1. Crystal Genome and the Comparison Tool, new developments in OpenKIM allowing testing and comparison of interatomic potentials on arbitrary crystals.
  2. Fitting and deploying machine learning potentials using KLIFF.

We hope to see you in Baltimore!

If you have any questions, please reach out at