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Conjugate gradient relaxation of random atomic cluster of Si atoms
Description Computes the potential energy and forces of a random cluster of Si atoms and performs
a conjugate gradient relaxation of the positions. The positions of the atoms in this Test were
obtained by first randomly initializing a set of Si atoms in a cubic box of side length
6.2 Angstroms (fixed, reflective boundary conditions). Dynamics were then performed
in LAMMPS (http://lammps.sandia.gov) under a Tersoff (T2) potential by heating the system to ~4100K
under a Langevin thermostat for 190 timesteps (each timestep = 0.001ps). Finally, the
atomic positions were extracted and are used as the initial positions for the relaxation.
The supported atomic species.
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See test driver source (ClusterEnergyAndForces__TD_000043093022_001) for required formatting of xyz file. This
kimspec file was generated automatically using the openkim-pipeline `testgenie` utility
along with the template files in the test driver directory.
Contributor karls
Maintainer karls
Author Daniel Karls
Publication Year 2014
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Citable Link https://openkim.org/cite/TE_238242252374_001
KIM Item TypeTest
Properties as defined in kimspec.edn. These properties are inhereted from the Test Driver.
KIM API Version1.9.0
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Previous Version ClusterEnergyAndForces_7atom_Si__TE_238242252374_000


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Measured in Millions of Whetstone Instructions (MWI)
Tersoff_LAMMPS_Erhart_Albe_CSi__MO_903987585848_002 view 323
Tersoff_LAMMPS_Erhart_Albe_SiII_CSi__MO_408791041969_001 view 287
Tersoff_LAMMPS_Tersoff_PRB37_1988_Si__MO_245095684871_001 view 395
Tersoff_LAMMPS_Tersoff_PRB38_1988_Si__MO_186459956893_001 view 359
Tersoff_LAMMPS_Tersoff_PRB39_1989_CSi__MO_171585019474_001 view 323
Tersoff_LAMMPS_Tersoff_PRB39_1989_GeSi__MO_350526375143_001 view 395


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Download Dependency

This Test requires a Test Driver. Archives for the Test Driver ClusterEnergyAndForces__TD_000043093022_001 appear below.

ClusterEnergyAndForces__TD_000043093022_001.txz Tar+XZ Linux and OS X archive
ClusterEnergyAndForces__TD_000043093022_001.zip Zip Windows archive


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