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Dimer C1 Continuity Check
Description Determines whether a model has a continuous energy and first
derivative, i.e. belongs to the C^1 continuity class, for all possible dimers.
For a model supporting N species, there are N + N!/(2(N-2)!) dimers for all
possible species combinations. For each dimer, the equilibrium separation
and cutoff are determined. The continuity across the cutoff is assessed.
Then an analysis is performed to detect any discontinuities from half the
equilibrium distance to the cutoff. Although the verification
check only requires C^1 continuity to pass, continuity up to 3rd order is
checked and reported.
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Contributor tadmor
Maintainer tadmor
Creator Ellad Tadmor
Publication Year 2017
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Funding Not available
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Citable Link https://openkim.org/cite/VC_303890932454_000
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100.00% Python


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