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Model driver for Tersoff-style potentials ported from LAMMPS v004
Description Model driver that supports parametrizations of the Tersoff-style three-body potential. It is ported from LAMMPS and supports the same format for parameter files. The commonly used variants by Tersoff and Nord/Albe/Erhart/Nordlund are supported, see source citations for details.

Optionally, a Ziegler-Biersack-Littmark potential for short interatomic distances can be smoothly joined via a Fermi function. This functionality mirrors the tersoff/zbl variant in LAMMPS.
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Content Origin Ported from LAMMPS
Contributor Tobias Brink
Maintainer Tobias Brink
Implementer Tobias Brink
Aidan P. Thompson
David E. Farrell
Mingjian Wen
Developer Jerry Tersoff
J. Nord
Karsten Albe
Paul Erhart
Kai Nordlund
James F. Ziegler
Jochen P. Biersack
U. Littmark
Published on KIM 2021
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Funding Not available
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DOI 10.25950/57484673
KIM Item TypeModel Driver
KIM API Version2.2
Programming Language(s)
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86.44% C++
13.56% Python
Previous Version Tersoff_LAMMPS__MD_077075034781_003

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