KIM ID VC_021653764022_002-and-MO_119167353542_005-vr
KIM ID (with timestamp) VC_021653764022_002-and-MO_119167353542_005-1620525190-vr
KIM Item Type Verification Result
Verification Check InversionSymmetry__VC_021653764022_002
Model SW_HauchHollandMarder_1999Brittle_Si__MO_119167353542_005
Whetstone Benchmark

Measured in Millions of Whetstone Instructions Per Second (MWIPS)
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz
The amount of time the CPU was busy executing code in user space.

Measured in seconds
Usertime × Whetstone Benchmark
Usertime multiplied by the Whetstone Benchmark. This number can be used (approximately) to compare the performance of different models independently of the architecture on which the test was run.

Measured in Millions of Whetstone Instructions (MWI)
Grade P
Category informational
Name vc-inversion-symmetry
Description Check whether a model is invariant with respect to the inversion operation where each atom is moved along a straight line through the inversion center to a point of equal distance on the other side. This is satisfied for all inversion centers if the model is invariant to rigid-body translation, and has inversion symmetry about the origin. Invariance symmetry is expected from the properties of the quantum mechanics Hamiltonian operator. It should be true for any model that does not depend on an external field. The check is performed for a randomly distorted non-periodic body-centered cubic (BCC) cube base structure. Separate configurations are tested for each species supported by the model, as well as one containing a random distribution of all species. The energy and forces of each configuration are compared with those of the same configuration translated in a random direction by an irrational distance and then inverted through the origin. The energies must be the same and the forces must change sign. The verification check will pass if the energy of all configurations that the model is able to compute pass both tests. Configurations used for testing are provided as auxiliary files.