KIM ID VC_651200051721_000-and-MO_101214310689_004-vr
KIM ID (with timestamp) VC_651200051721_000-and-MO_101214310689_004-1525996700-vr
KIM Item Type Verification Result
Verification Check SpeciesSupportedAsStated__VC_651200051721_000
Model EAM_Dynamo_Mishin_NiAl__MO_101214310689_004
Whetstone Benchmark

Measured in Millions of Whetstone Instructions Per Second (MWIPS)
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz
The amount of time the CPU was busy executing code in user space.

Measured in seconds
Usertime × Whetstone Benchmark
Usertime multiplied by the Whetstone Benchmark. This number can be used (approximately) to compare the performance of different models independently of the architecture on which the test was run.

Measured in Millions of Whetstone Instructions (MWI)
Grade P
Category mandatory
Name vc-species-supported-as-stated
Description This verfication check ensures that a model supports all of the species that it claims. The verification check attempts to compute the energy for all clusters up to a preset size for all combinations of supported elements. Several random samples are generated for each cluster. The check is successful if all elements appear in at least one successful calculation. This algorithm accounts for the fact that some models may only support species in certain combinations. For example a model supporting species A and B may be for an AB alloy and may only support A-B interactions and not A-A or B-B. The output provides full information on which interactions are supported and which are not.