KIM Requirements Document Launched


The KIM development team is pleased to announce that the KIM Requirements Document (RD) is now available online at

RDs are common in industry where they are used to fully define all aspects of new products during the development stage. The KIM RD addresses topics ranging from the organization and governance of KIM to the details of the KIM application programming interface (API). The RD is the result of intensive work by four committees at the KIM Inaugural Workshop (for more details, see here).

The KIM RD will serve as a living document that will accompany the KIM project as it evolves. Anyone may view the RD to better understand the objectives and scope of KIM. KIM Members may participate in the development of KIM by attaching comments to any section in the document. (You will see that every section header is followed by a hyperlink inviting the reader to add a comment or display (and add to) existing comments.) Many sections already have comments made during the writing of the document. KIM Members are encouraged to add their own thoughts, suggestions or concerns. Anyone may become a KIM member by registering here.

The KIM development team will continuously monitor the RD for new comments and will take them into account as they continue to develop and implement KIM.