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Interatomic potential for Molybdenum (Mo).
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Morse potential (shifted) for Mo by Girifalco and Weizer (1959) using a low-accuracy cutoff distance v004

This panel presents the list of papers that cite the interatomic potential whose page you are on (by its primary sources given below in "How to Cite").

Articles marked by the green star have been determined to have used the potential in computations (as opposed to only citing it as background information) by a machine learning (ML) algorithm developed by the KIM Team that analyzes the full text of the papers. Articles that do not use it are marked with a null symbol, and in cases where no information is available a question mark is shown.

The full text of the articles used to train the ML algorithm is provided by the Allen Institute for AI through the Semantic Scholar project.

The word cloud to the right is built from the abstracts of the primary sources and using papers to give a sense of the types of physical phenomena to which this interatomic potential is applied.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Usage can only be determined for articles for which Semantic Scholar can provide OpenKIM with the full text. Where this is not the case, we ask the community for help in determining usage. If you know whether an article did or did not use a potential, let us know by clicking the cloud icon by the article and completing a one question form.

The word cloud indicates applications of this Potential. The bar chart shows citations per year of this Potential.

Help us to determine which of the papers that cite this potential actually used it to perform calculations. If you know, click the  .