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Equilibrium crystal structure and energy for Co in AFLOW crystal prototype A_oC4_63_c v001
Description Computes the equilibrium crystal structure and energy for Co in AFLOW crystal prototype A_oC4_63_c at zero temperature and applied stress by performing symmetry-constrained relaxation. The parameters (representing cell and internal degrees of freedom) allowed to vary during the relaxation are: a, b/a, c/a, y1. The initial guess for these parameters is:
2.4688, 2.0780541, 1.6128483, 0.3625698, obtained from http://aflowlib.duke.edu/AFLOWDATA/ICSD_WEB/HEX/Co1_ICSD_622436/CONTCAR.relax.vasp, the relaxed structure corresponding to Aflowlib Unique IDentifier aflow:e26e936bdb986eb9
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Computer generated
Contributor I Nikiforov
Maintainer I Nikiforov
Developer I Nikiforov
Ellad B. Tadmor
Daniel S. Karls
Moon-ki Choi
Published on KIM 2023
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Funding Not available
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Citable Link https://openkim.org/cite/TE_927875574069_001
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KIM API Version2.3
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100.00% Python
Previous Version EquilibriumCrystalStructure_A_oC4_63_c_Co__TE_927875574069_000

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EAM_IMD_BrommerGaehler_2006B_AlNiCo__MO_128037485276_003 view 82676

Model Error Categories Link to Error page
EAM_Dynamo_BelandLuOsetskiy_2016_CoNi__MO_871937946490_000 other view
EAM_Dynamo_DeluigiPasianotValencia_2021_FeNiCrCoCu__MO_657255834688_000 other view
EAM_Dynamo_FarkasCaro_2018_FeNiCrCoCu__MO_803527979660_000 other view
EAM_Dynamo_FarkasCaro_2020_FeNiCrCoAl__MO_820335782779_000 other view
EAM_Dynamo_PunMishin_2012_Co__MO_885079680379_005 other view
EAM_Dynamo_PunYamakovMishin_2013_AlCo__MO_678952612413_000 other view
EAM_Dynamo_PunYamakovMishin_2013_NiAlCo__MO_826591359508_000 other view
EAM_Dynamo_PunYamakovMishin_2015_NiCo__MO_010613863288_000 other view
EAM_Dynamo_VailheFarkas_1997_CoAl__MO_284963179498_005 other view
EAM_Dynamo_ZhouJohnsonWadley_2004_Co__MO_924630542818_005 other view
EAM_Dynamo_ZhouJohnsonWadley_2004_CuAgAuNiPdPtAlPbFeMoTaWMgCoTiZr__MO_870117231765_000 other view
EAM_Dynamo_ZhouJohnsonWadley_2004NISTretabulation_Co__MO_247800397145_000 other view

Model Error Categories Link to Error page
EAM_IMD_BrommerGaehler_2006A_AlNiCo__MO_122703700223_003 other view

Model Error Categories Link to Error page
LJ_ElliottAkerson_2015_Universal__MO_959249795837_003 other view

Model Error Categories Link to Error page
MEAM_LAMMPS_ChoiJoSohn_2018_CoNiCrFeMn__MO_115454747503_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_ChoiKimSeol_2017_CoCr__MO_410167849923_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_ChoiKimSeol_2017_CoFe__MO_179158257180_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_ChoiKimSeol_2017_CoMn__MO_808662295149_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_DongKimKo_2012_CoAl__MO_099716416216_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_JeongParkDo_2018_PdCo__MO_101997554790_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_KimJungLee_2015_NiAlCo__MO_876687166519_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_KimSeolJi_2017_PtCo__MO_545073984441_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_OhSeolLee_2020_CoTi__MO_862371677648_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_OhSeolLee_2020_CoV__MO_771146361182_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_WangOhLee_2020_CuCo__MO_694335101831_002 other view
MEAM_LAMMPS_WangOhLee_2020_CuCo__MO_849011491644_002 other view

No Driver

This Test requires a Test Driver. Archives for the Test Driver EquilibriumCrystalStructure__TD_457028483760_001 appear below.

EquilibriumCrystalStructure__TD_457028483760_001.txz Tar+XZ Linux and OS X archive
EquilibriumCrystalStructure__TD_457028483760_001.zip Zip Windows archive
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