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Monovacancy formation energy and relaxation volume for sc O
Description Computes unrelaxed and relaxed monovancany formation energies and relaxation volume for sc O at zero temperature and zero pressure
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Contributor Junhao Li
Maintainer Daniel S. Karls
Developer Junhao Li
Published on KIM 2023
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This Test is archived in OpenKIM [1-4].

[1] Li J. Monovacancy formation energy and relaxation volume for sc O [Internet]. OpenKIM; 2023. Available from: https://openkim.org/cite/TE_032363109044_001

[2] Li J, Fuemmeler E. Monovacancy formation energy and relaxation volume for cubic and hcp monoatomic crystals v001. OpenKIM; 2023. doi:10.25950/fca89cea

[3] Tadmor EB, Elliott RS, Sethna JP, Miller RE, Becker CA. The potential of atomistic simulations and the Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models. JOM. 2011;63(7):17. doi:10.1007/s11837-011-0102-6

[4] Elliott RS, Tadmor EB. Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models (KIM) Application Programming Interface (API). OpenKIM; 2011. doi:10.25950/ff8f563a

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Funding Not available
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Citable Link https://openkim.org/cite/TE_032363109044_001
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KIM API Version2.3.0
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100.00% Python
Previous Version VacancyFormationEnergyRelaxationVolume_sc_O__TE_032363109044_000

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Sim_LAMMPS_ReaxFF_ChenowethVanDuinGoddard_2008_CHO__SM_584143153761_001 other view
Sim_LAMMPS_ReaxFF_ChenowethVanDuinPersson_2008_CHOV__SM_429148913211_001 other view
Sim_LAMMPS_reaxFF_FthenakisPetsalakisTozzini_2022_CHON__SM_198543900691_000 other view
Sim_LAMMPS_ReaxFF_KeithFantauzziJacob_2010_AuO__SM_974345878378_001 other view
Sim_LAMMPS_ReaxFF_ManzanoMoeiniMarinelli_2012_CaSiOH__SM_714124634215_000 other view
Sim_LAMMPS_ReaxFF_RaymandVanDuinBaudin_2008_ZnOH__SM_449472104549_001 other view
Sim_LAMMPS_ReaxFF_StrachanVanDuinChakraborty_2003_CHNO__SM_107643900657_001 other view
Sim_LAMMPS_ReaxFF_WeismillerVanDuinLee_2010_BHNO__SM_327381922729_001 other view
Sim_LAMMPS_ReaxFF_XiaoShiHao_2017_PHOC__SM_424780295507_000 other view

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